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Questions on Euky Bear Warm Steam Vaporiser?

Q1. Why are there particles in the water after using the Warm Steam Vaporiser?

These can be mineral deposits from your tap water. They can look like dirt, sand or flakes and are harmless. The level of particles present depends on where you live, as hard water areas may contain more. It is an indication that the unit requires cleaning.

Solution: Particles can be flushed away when emptying container. Continue Maintenance Cleaning as needed. For ongoing use, consider using distilled water instead of tap water to eliminate the issue.

Q2. Why do my Warm Steam Vaporiser start spurting water out of the steam vent?

Possible causes include:
• Inhalant added after water.
• Incorrect Inhalant used or too much Inhalant.
• Water level too high or too low.
• Vaporiser needs cleaning.

Solution: Shake Inhalant bottle well before use. Always add Inhalant before water and ensure it is well mixed. Only use Euky Bear Inhalants (water soluble). Use no more than 2 capfuls (10mL) of Inhalant. Ensure water level is filled to the maximum fill line. Do not overfill. Clean Vaporiser as per instructions.

Q3. When I tried to use the Warm Steam Vaporiser, it trips my home safety switch or blows a fuse. Why do this happen?
In some households, safety switches are sensitive when an additional load is placed on the circuit or if the heating core within the unit is too cold.

Solution: Turn off the Vaporiser at the power point. Fill the water container with warm water. Move to a power point not connected to other appliances. Leave for 2 minutes. Switch on. If this does not resolve the issue, the safety fuse in the Vaporiser may have been activated. Contact Customer Service

Q4. Why do my Warm Steam Vaporiser produce too much steam or condensation?

The Vaporiser might be operated in a closed, poorly ventilated room.

Solution: Open the door and/or window and nsure that the room has proper ventilation.

Q5. Is my Warm Steam Vaporiser producing insufficient steam?
The amount and intensity of steam produced will vary. In the morning the water level should have dropped. If this occurs, your Vaporiser is steaming correctly. Factors that can affect steam production include humidity, temperature and air currents or a build up of mineral deposits which can be due to water quality.

Solution: Clean Vaporiser as per instructions. Failure to maintain cleaning procedure may damage the unit and void warranty.

Q6. Why do my Warm Steam Vaporiser stop steaming when the light is still on?

The Vaporiser will stop steaming when the heating unit is no longer in contact with water, but the light will remain on. The heating unit has been specifically designed to avoid overheating. The Vaporiser may stay warm until it is switched off at the power point. To help remind you to switch off the power after use, the Indicator Light will stay on.

Solution: Always switch the power off at the power source when steaming has stopped or when not in use. Failure to switch off your Vaporiser when it is no longer steaming may damage the unit and void warranty. After power is switched off, remove plug from socket. To continue use, refill with water as per Operating Manual.

Q7. Why is there an unusual smell emitted by my Warm Steam Vaporiser?
Possible causes include: 
• If a new unit, this can be a normal occurrence which will dissipate over time.
• Adding Inhalant after the water – always add before water. Or, incorrect Inhalant used-always use a water soluble Inhalant.
• The Vaporiser has been run dry (with no water for at least an hour).
• Depending on water quality there could be a build up of mineral deposits on the heating unit

Solution: Clean Vaporiser as per instructions. Failure to maintain cleaning procedure may damage the unit and void warranty.