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  • Sniffly Nose Room Spray 125g (Pack of 4)
Sniffly Nose Room Spray 125g (Pack of 4)
Sniffly Nose Room Spray 125g (Pack of 4)
Sniffly Nose Room Spray 125g (Pack of 4)

Sniffly Nose Room Spray 125g (Pack of 4)


    A room spray with natural essential oils to comfort and soothe at bedtime, particularly during the winter months. Perfect to use in children’s rooms before day sleeps, for night-time comfort or while on-the-go. With natural antibacterial properties, it can also be used as a germ killing surface spray on toys, doorknobs and other household surfaces.

    Features & Benefits

    - Helps the whole family breathe easier, in winter and beyond
    - With natural essential oils of Eucalyptus, Menthol, Rosemary & Oil of Wintergreen
    - Creates instant aromatherapy vapours that comfort and soothe
    - Use in children’s rooms before sleep – great for day naps too
    - Freshens, kills germs & keeps surfaces hygienic
    - Suitable for all ages
    - No harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances
    Australian made & owned

    How To Use

    Personal Uses
    Room Spray

    Winter sniffles can make it difficult for the family to get the rest they need. Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Room Spray helps comfort and soothe before bedtime (or anytime!) providing instant aromatherapy with antibacterial oils Eucalyptus, Menthol, Rosemary and Oil of Wintergreen.

    Simply spray around baby’s nursery, children’s bedrooms or adult bedrooms before sleep – it’s also great for day naps, or even while travelling.
    Spray around the room for approx. 3-5 seconds. Allow the product to settle before placing child to sleep in the room.
    Note: Can be used in conjunction with Euky Bearub and/or the Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser and Inhalant for all-night relief.

    Household Uses
    Kill germs & bacteria

    Spray onto surfaces including door handles, change tables, rubbish, nappy bins and toys to kill germs and bacteria.
    Hold can 15-20cm from surface and spray until covered in mist. Test an inconspicuous area first before use.


    Use as a natural room deodoriser to remove odours. With no harsh chemicals, it’s a perfect alternative to artificial fragrances.

    Freshen mattresses

    Freshen mattresses when changing the sheets on cots, children’s or adult’s beds.
    Hold can 15-20cm from mattress and spray thoroughly. Allow to dry for a few minutes.


    Eucalyptus Oil
    Rosemary Oil
    Oil of Wintergreen


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