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Gentle care for over 40 years

At Euky Bear we're proud to provide Australian families with gentle care for their little ones when they need it most. Three generations have relied on Euky Bear for soothing comfort, easier breathing and a better night's sleep.

Made with love, from our family to yours

When your little one's sick, there's not a lot you can do. That's why we made it our mission to design a product for children's colds that parents could trust.

Euky Bearub is a chest rub containing natural eucalyptus oil in a soothing ointment base. Rubbed onto the chest, the therapeutic vapors release thoughout the night, helping clear the chest and ease a stuffy nose. Strong enough to work, it's also gentle on children's skin.

Learn more about our story and how a love of eucalypts (and a cute koala) planted the seed for an iconic Aussie brand.

As an Australian owned family company, we're proud that 'Bearub' has been passed down from generation to generation, used by mums who had it used on them as a child.

This trust has enabled Euky Bearub to continue to evolve over the years.

Made with natural eucalyptus oil

Euky Bearub contains natural eucalyptus oil grown on our farm in Inglewood, in rural Victoria. Every tube is made with love, care and passion, sparked by a lifelong obsession for eucalypts.

In fact, we have hunted for years to find the 'perfect Euky tree' - the one that yields the most, and best quality oil - and have planted nearly 4 million trees on their farm over the last few years.


Gentle as a mother's touch

Euky Bearub is there, like you always are, when your little one's not feeling their best. It allows you to connect and enjoy a tactile, loving moment together. Exhale the busy day... and inahle the aroma.