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Alcosm Disinfectant Wipes 50s
Alcosm Disinfectant Wipes 50s

Alcosm Disinfectant Wipes 50s

    Alcosm 75% Alcohol Disinfectant Wet Wipes is the total solution to daily on-the-go hard surfaces cleaning. From killing germs to just cleaning up messes, use any time when soap and water are not available. It contains 75% Ethyl Alcohol, which effectively kills most common germs, bacteria and viruses. Manufactured according to ISO 13485 quality standards & cosmetic ISO 22716 GMP requirements. Made with soft yet strong spunlace nonwoven material that preserves the effectiveness of the disinfectant solution on the wipe. The wipe leaves no residue after use and comes with a secure resealable plastic lid that preserves the product. Sheet size 200mm x 150mm of spunlace nonwoven. Contains 75% v/v alcohol impregnated wipes. Great for on-the-go cleansing. Shelf life of 2 years from manufacturing date
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